About Us

We are changing the way you experience wine.

The inspiration for BottleVin came from two wine and food aficionados who saw an opportunity to blend the world of wine with technology, and bring the experience of wine culture to everyone – wherever they are.

We love wine and wine culture – this drives us to bring cool things to life with the power of technology. With a simple tap of a smartphone, we are enabling wine enthusiasts to discover the stories behind the wine and to share and document their wine experiences effortlessly.

a connected wine culture empowered by knowledge

We believe in the clarity of knowledge.

It is said “knowledge is power,” and we embrace this mantra. We all crave knowledge. Being “in the know” empowers us.  Through knowledge choices can be informed – and clear.

At our core, this is our mission – to enable and empower you with the clarity of knowledge.

Selecting a wine can be a daunting experience. Unless you have made the study of wine a major priority in your life the whole process can become tedious instead of enjoyable as it should be.

We are changing this. By putting the knowledge of experts for the wine in your hand, you’ll find yourself turning to BottleVin to select the perfect wine, connect with the winemakers, and discover the stories that are behind every bottle.

For our vintner partners: we believe all that goes into every bottle of wine – the fruit, passion, terroir and stories – is what makes each of you a singular artisan. You are not a faceless part of the wine industry, but individuals whose distinct interpretation of varietal and blend is reflected in every bottle. Through BottleVin, we will connect you with those who drink and enjoy your craft – to tell your stories and share the passion like never before.

The Team

Paul Salcedo

Paul Salcedo

Co-founder and CEO

Paul is a Napa Valley native with vast knowledge of the wine industry, as well as extensive roots in the Silicon Valley technology industry. He brings more than 20 years of operations, engineering and software development experience to BottleVin in both corporate and startup environments. Throughout his career, he has worked for companies such as Sony, Centrify, Liquid Audio, Zazzle and Roxio.
Jason Driver

Jason Driver

Co-founder and COO

As a successful, award-winning restaurateur, Jason has more than two decades of experience in the food and wine industry, including business development, marketing, and operations. He specializes in cultivating experiences for guests, and is enthusiastic to share the joy of cuisine and wine through BottleVin.
Tuoc Luong

Tuoc Luong

Co-founder and Board Member

Tuoc is the CEO and co-founder of BodiData and an investor, advisor and board member of several successful startups. Past investments and exits include the sale of Arimo to Panasonic; MatchCo to Shisheido; and Jybe to Yahoo. Previously, he was CEO of Shanda Online; and SVP of Search Worldwide at Yahoo! Tuoc’s knowledge and success in the startup world, led to investing as a co-founder of BottleVin.