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Every Wine has a Story, and Bottlevin makes it Easy to Discover

Choosing the right wine for the occasion can be challenging for many consumers…if only the winemaker could be right there in the wine shop or tableside, telling the story of what makes your wine special. Now you (almost!) can. BottleVin makes it easy to share your unique message, giving you the priceless opportunity to stand out from a crowded shelf and create that direct connection with your customer.

BottleVin is the first smart platform that directly connects you to your customers with a simple tap of a smartphone. Wine enthusiasts will learn the stories about your wine, effortlessly – wherever they are.

And now, thanks to Commerce7, participating with BottleVin is fast and easy. Simply click the “Import” button and you’ll be prompted to enter your Commerce7 credentials. You can then import your winery and product content safely into the BottleVin system, where customers can see and interact with it on our mobile app.

We invite you to join our cadre of happy customers. We are looking for beta testers as we perfect the integration with Commerce 7; as an early adopter on this exciting new platform you will get a free year of full access.

Why join with BottleVin:

  • Be part of a new, social, connected wine culture
  • Share the unique stories of your winery and vintages with customers in a virtual “tasting experience”
  • Help solve the challenges of wine selection and let them choose your wine effortlessly
  • Create a discovery moment to make that personal connection throughout the purchase and ownership cycle
  • Easily share rich brand content – updated in real-time to always be relevant and fresh
  • Gather actionable market data to drive successful marketing strategies and maximize ROI
  • Connect with customers in a dynamic and engaging way

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