While there are plenty of wickedly delicious Halloween cocktails with bewitching names and deadly ingredients – think “Tart Cherry Eyeball Punch,” “The Grave Digger” or even “Death in the Afternoon Cocktail” — for some of us, wine and chocolate have a “until death do us part” relationship.

Whether you are planning an adults only spooktacular soirée, or just plan to take a few sips to get through an evening of an endlessly ringing doorbell, here are a few ideas to get you in the mood for a wicked fun time.

The Naughty Inky Red Wine by Reynolds Family Winery

You won’t even think about ghosting this dark hued — almost black as its name implies — red wine. Embrace the little devil in you and enjoy the big, lush taste of fruit coated with a hint of sweet tobacco leaf; that is, if you dare.

Blood Syrah by Saarloos + Sons

This blood-curling wine boasts with a full-bodied appeal that deserves a place in your Halloween cauldron. With dried red and black fruit and pumpernickel notes, it’s a deep elixir sure to satisfy.

Blindfold by The Prisoner Company

Because the colors of fright are black, orange and white, we included this wickedly scary white wine to heighten the senses. Chardonnay blended with white Rhône and aromatic varieties is equally bold and intriguing — a luscious entry of toasted hazelnut and mandarin is balanced by bright acidity and minerality.

Finishing notes…If none of these wines make your broom fly, look for fruit forward and soft (low tannin) reds, and dessert whites like sauternes or Rieslings to make that chocolate taste that much sweeter.

Whichever one you choose, it’s sure to be a “Thriller” of an evening [Ahahahahahahahaha]