As the CEO of BottleVin I’ve been thinking over the past week of ways on how I can help on-premise businesses adjust as this pandemic evolves. This is a new time for many businesses to find ways to communicate with their customers remotely. As an individual working in the tech industry for 26+ years, we’ve had access to software platforms over the years that make WFH (Working from home) convenient and working remotely has been a normal standard in tech life.

I decided to write this blog to see if I can help on-premise businesses conveniently communicate with their customers remotely using many of tools we use in tech. My goal with these blogs are to help the producers we partner with, but also any businesses looking for tools to engage with their customers directly. I have many friends that also own small businesses who have been asking for my advice on solutions and I believe these tools will also help many small businesses.

For this blog, I will focus on using Facebook Messenger and your Facebook business page. As we all know about Facebook, it’s definitely a love/hate relationship with many consumers. Facebook itself is a great platform to use with communicating with anyone that is a Facebook user. Many user think of Facebook as a way to post what’s going on in their lives or with their businesses. What many people don’t realize is the tools Facebook has built-in to the platform that help businesses communicate to individuals or groups. These tools are powerful and easy to integrate to your business. Here’s how…

Facebook Messenger for Business

Use Facebook messenger to allow your consumers to directly message you real-time. This is a great way to allow anyone using Facebook to directly message your Facebook business. I believe most businesses have a Facebook Business page, but if you don’t you’ll need to create one. I will use BottleVin as the example.

1. Find out your Facebook business name. Typically just go to your FB Business page and it will be your<your company name>. You can also find this by look at the name following the @ sign on your business page, see screenshot below.

2. Once you know your FB business name, in our example our name is “bottlevin” (no quotes). Then you take this and use the following short URLHere’s what it looks like:<FB Businessname

This would be the example for BottleVin if you want to try it out:

3. Now take this URL link and and add it to a link to your website, email, or text message. A common page to add it would be on the “Contact Us’ page. Below is what these links look like using our BottleVin platform.

BottleVin App

BottleVin Mobile Webpage

4. Once your customer clicks on that link it will launch a Facebook Messenger chat session. If your customer doesn’t have Facebook, then it will bring them to a page to install the app. Below is what a chat session would look like with FB messenger.

5. You can use FB Messenger to communicate back to your customers by the Facebook Pages app or your Facebook business page

Facebook Pages Manager App
I had a weird sign-in issue when clicking the “easy” button with your user. I had to manually enter in my email address and password.

Here’s the links:

iTunes App Store –
Google Play Store –

Facebook Page Manager on PC
This is where you manage your page on using a webpage on your PC. Click on the “Inbox”

Well that’s the end of this blog on how to integrate Facebook Messenger, stay tuned for more by checking back here:

If you would have any questions, I would love to help you. You can schedule a meeting with me using Calendly by clicking this button:

-Paul Salcedo
CEO BottleVin