When we started making wines in 1998, our mission statement was “attention to detail from vineyard to glass.” The art of growing great wines involves being in touch with your vines, the soil, the fruit – all that is “wine”. Once the dance with Mother Nature is complete and the grapes come home to become wine – more detail and crafting begins. There are endless directions a winemaker can move to make a wine, but not all lead to the promise land. Sometimes that road is never found. Trial and error mixed with knowledge, hard work and some luck can often help make that pathway easier to navigate – but it’s still a journey. One thing is for sure, being in tune or in “touch” with all aspects of this art and craft of wine making is the key. That attention to detail – even if it is the slow road and one that others criticize.

Our Reserve Stags Leap Cabernet – with its real handmade mustard flower label – is all that inside and out. Despite those that said to handmake a wine label with real flowers on each bottle was silly…well we are still making it today.



Now that’s how we define Hand Crafted at Reynolds Family Winery.