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Wine and spirits brands who embrace consumers’ preference for mobile technologies
will position themselves ahead of competitors slow-to-change, and establish themselves as innovators in the industry.

Connect with Your customers

Mobile has become the preferred way to get online, and according to Google, 82% of smartphone users say they consult their phones before they make purchases onsite. So when consumers use mobile devices onsite, take the opportunity to build a relationship and strengthen your brand. Drive conversion by delivering on-demand product information that is always current and relevant – such as the origin story, awards and accolades, food pairings and recipes, ideal serving temperatures, branded video content and providing exclusive offers. Connect them to helpful information when and where it’s needed with convenient access, driving higher conversion through delivering a one-on-one experience.

Imagine this scenario:
A couple in a store standing in front of shelves filled with wines; scanning for a selection, wanting information to the right choice. According to Nielsen’s Beverage Alcohol Category Shopping Fundamentals study, only 29% of consumers know which brand they intend to buy prior to visiting an off or on-premise location. The remaining 71% of consumers are making their decisions as they peruse the options on the shelf or menu. So what steps can producers take to stand out and make the sales conversion?

As a producer, what’s your preference here? Take the opportunity to provide an easy, engaging experience to bring the customer to your brand and directly give them the information they are seeking? Or let them head into the internet search landscape to be bombarded by crowd sourced opinions and competitors’ offerings?

In a perfect world the customer would navigate your website to find your product information. As much as we want that scenario as brand owners – it isn’t the case anymore in the mobile market.

With the widespread adoption of smartphones – and the ever-increasing mobile-dependent consumer – this provides an unprecedented opportunity for brands to reach their customers directly through their products. A BottleVin connected product is ready to share content for achieving any branding, awareness, or loyalty goal. The key to taking advantage of these opportunities is to establish and maintain a strong direct connection with each person throughout the consumer journey, beginning before the purchase and continuing after the sale.

Understand Your customer

Data analytics is the future of everything.

The more you know about your customers – at the point of purchase and usage – the better you can meet their expectations and deliver an experience. Extend the customer relationship and strengthen brand loyalty – by creating rich, relevant content and promotions based on accurate behavioral metrics.

Every experience with BottleVin enabled products provides a wealth of post-sale analytics that would otherwise be lost. This data delivers insights into who, when, where, and how products are being used by consumers, which in turn can prove invaluable for informing new product decisions. With vivid digital experiences delivered through products, customer satisfaction and brand trust increase, helping retain existing customers and acquire new.

The purchase transaction is just the beginning of the consumer experience. Typically the most dynamic and telling insights of consumer behavior – those pertaining to who, what, when, where, and how a product is used after it’s been purchased – are being lost. Insights into how products are utilized by customers after a purchase are highly valuable to a company – through them you can forge brand loyalty, build incremental sales, and capture consumer data for analytics by maintaining an ongoing connection post-purchase.

Increase your sales

A BottleVin enabled product can drive revenue growth, provide better customer experiences, new insights via customer analytics, and deeper, long-lasting relationships with the people who buy your product. Establishing a connection between customers and your company with the intention of assisting them towards making a final purchase decision is key; engaged customers are more likely to become loyal repeat customers.

Content marketing has shown to be a successful tactic to reach and bond with consumers; sharing content via BottleVin enabled products maintains a one-on-one relationship between brand and customer without the interference of competitors.

Trusted referral and recommendation have proven to be the best methods for increasing sales and driving conversions at the points of decision; turn your customers into advocates for your brand by helping them reach out socially to easily share their discoveries with BottleVin.

Your customer’s journey doesn’t end when the sale is made. Your greatest opportunities to build brand loyalty, capture consumer data for analytics, and drive additional revenue come during the post-purchase phase – and the BottleVin platform makes it easy.


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