Mobile is the future! Amazon just released a new web app builder that is a low-code/no-code dev tool to create mobile apps.

As many wineries and distilleries may not see a need for a mobile app/mobile first solution for their business. Retail and consumers are moving this direction.

Large tech companies like Amazon, Google, and FB have created “mobile first” development platforms, so more and more businesses and retailers will start having their own mobile apps as developing mobile apps get easier.

30%+ of business websites run WordPress, which allow tech savvy individuals to create beautiful websites where you used to have to be an educated and train software developer with a coding background and work with a designer to create sites you can develop using the WordPress platform.

Other companies have made it easier to create websites and e-commerce like Squarespace, Wix, and Shopify. Similarly you’ll start to see more and more mobile app platforms making headway like this in the future and as platforms like ours require no coding experience to have a mobile app, you will see more adoption for a mobile app solution with businesses.

As responsive web development for devices like phones and tablets do a good job, they can’t deliver what a mobile app experience will provide to the end user.

As this info is more for “Tech Geeks” here’s some info on the mobile app development platforms.

Amazon – Honeycode

Google – Flutter

Facebook – Reactive Native