The SMART bottle platform

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We are a marketing and analytics platform for producers; providing dynamic, real-time control over your brand message and product information while delivering actionable market insights. A simple tap or scan of a smartphone connects producers to their customers – at a granular level – before, during, and after purchase. We make your bottles smart – enabling them as Internet of Things (IoT) devices – providing an unprecedented opportunity to easily reach customers directly through your product wherever they are.

A connected mobile marketing solution, powered by analytics to drive sales and better ROI

Connect with your customers

With a simple scan we provide one-on-one engagement with customers through your product – anywhere they are.——————————————————–

Understand your market

Stay connected throughout the purchase and ownership cycle — pre-purchase, after purchase and consumption – to gain valuable insights about your customers.

Increase your sales

The BottleVin platform provides a marketing and analytics solution to effectively engage your audience, forge customer loyalty and boost your ROI.

Engage with a simple tap or scan of a smartphone

Give your bottle a voice, and get customers engaged with your brand. Easily share the story of your wine or spirit in vivid detail – far beyond the label. It’s easy to reach them with your message wherever they are – searching a shelf in a store, perusing a menu tableside, convening at a bar or enjoying a backyard soiree.


Success Stories

“Our customers are enthusiastic about BottleVin, as an intuitive app that provides a personalized experience with our wines. With just a tap, they unlock recommendations from friends, food pairings and so much more. It’s like they are with us in the tasting room, no matter where they are.”
Steve Reynolds

Owner & Winemaker, Reynolds Family Winery

“Easy access to winemaking info, keep track of your collection, and take your own notes all in one place, while supporting paper-free tasting rooms! We have pivoted to using BottleVin, which always keeps our information relevant, up-to-date and easy for our customers to access.”

Tom Glase

Founder/Director of Winemaking, Balboa Winery

“We love that Bottlevin educates our customers on our winemaking practices, tasting notes, ratings and more with a simple tap to our wines! Bottlevin always keeps our information relevant, up-to-date, and is easy for our customers to access. We are very excited about this partnership and believe that this will be an amazing sales tool for us in and out of our tasting room!”

Sarah Citron

Founder/VP of Marketing, Bricoleur Vineyards